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Lernen Sie Nordzypern persönlich kennen 

LIVE Webinare

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What will you learn in this webinar? 

Capital Appreciation

North Cyprus is the best island to invest right now proven by its fast-growing demand. There are many high-quality constructions with a great price value. Developments are European standard.

North Cyprus has lower prices of properties than other competitive Mediterranean countries. There are nearly 10 Universities in North Cyprus and there are large number of students in the island that is why the potential rental income is high. There are both short- and long-term rental opportunities with a high rental income.

Fast return on your investments

We offer some of the best investment opportunities in North Cyprus. There are properties in the most attractive areas where you can get the highest possible rental income return from your investment with an average of 8-12 %.

Also, rental incomes are valued in Great British Pounds. Variety of rental opportunities commence by students, experts, and holiday vacationers. The growing amount of investor tours prove the potential of the real estate market that international investors recognise. 

Growing Economy

With its fast-growing economy, North Cyprus has different business investment opportunities proven by its GDP 5 % Growth Within the past 10 years it has become important financial and business centre with a welcoming and supportive government policy that supports both local and foreign investors. Moreover, there are lots of internationally educated people with entrepreneurial mindset.


Safe & Popular Tourism destination

Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries with its low crime rate and very low level of Covid-19 rates. There are many outdoors activities all year long that you can enjoy yourself. With an average of 300 days of sunshine there are 8 months of holiday season in Cyprus. Tourists love the natural beaches, the unspoiled landscapes, the local cuisine with organic food. The new Ercan Airport has a capacity of 3 million visitors each year.


Simple company setups

North Cyprus has one of the easiest company setup systems. There are Free Zone Companies & International Business Companies with high skilled workforce which investors can get support by. Furthermore, there are benefits such as 1 % - 0 % Tax and no Tax on dividends, credible banks which will be great opportunity to invest on low-cost properties. 


The best projects for your needs

There are many different options of developments, locations and type of housings and styles. To work with the best developers, materials and products is most important. 

Our team helps you to find exactly what you are looking for. If it's a penthouse with Seaview, your dream villa close to the mountains or your beach bungalow. In this webinar we provide you with the best options, so you get a first overview.

What our clients say

Florian Roski.jpg

Dr. Florian Roski

North Cyprus is a hidden paradise. I have invested outside of Germany before, but never have I seen such a great price value. The exceptional quality of the development I surprised me. As a qualified building surveyor, I have very high standards. I never expected German quality specifications and quality brands for this price. 


I am more than satisfied with my investment and so are my other investors I showed North Cyprus so far.

Hatice Nizam Nordzypern

Hatice Nizam

I am completely in love with North Cyprus. When I knew I wanted to buy an apartment here,  Eylem and Susanne were the best help I could ever asked for. They helped me to find the right place for me, explained everything I needed to know and are with me every step of the way. 

It's very important to have a local team that is taking care f your needs, especially while I am in Germany.  

Alexander Pfahl Nordzypern.JPG

Alexander Pfahl

I was overwhelmed by North Cyprus for so many reasons. The friendly people and their hospitality, the culture and food, the quality of the buildings, and the prices for that you get. I have been looking to invest for a long time but have not found the right fit. North Cyprus was a no brainer for me. I went there once and with the professional support of Susanne and Eylem everything went perfect, especially after the sale. I am very happy with my investment. 

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